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Obstructive Sleep Apnea + CPAP Therapy

Do you feel tired throughout the day, and like you haven’t had restful sleep? You are not alone.

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Take-Home Sleep Test

Step 1

Take-Home Sleep Test

This easy to use testing device is worn in the comfort of your own bed. We only need one night’s sleep to determine if you’re having difficulty breathing at night. It measures oxygen levels, heart rate and whether your breathing pattern is normal.

Review Test Results

Step 2

Review Test Results

Your test will be interpreted by a credentialed sleep physician, who may also provide treatment suggestions to your referring doctor. Once the test results are interpreted by the physician, we can review the physician's results with you.

Free CPAP Trial

Step 3

Free CPAP Trial

If your doctor recommends CPAP therapy you will be set up with the appropriate machine and mask that is best suited to you. You may try different masks or even different machines in order to ensure you are getting a full night’s sleep. We allow up to two months for you to adapt to therapy before you purchase.

Ongoing Support

Step 4

Ongoing Support

Support is given as you initially get used to therapy, but it doesn’t stop there. Even after you are sleeping peacefully and own your equipment, Mainland Sleep will continue to see you every six months. We want to make sure you have long term success and that your equipment needs are maintained and that therapy is optimized.

Why Mainland Sleep?


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Lower Mainland Locations

Mainland Sleep has been serving the lower Mainland since 1998.

We strive to help each patient successfully treat their sleep apnea. We provide extensive education, the latest CPAP equipment, ongoing support, and are continually educating ourselves on new CPAP options for our patients.

  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Lifetime Service for your CPAP Unit
  • Offer the latest CPAP Machines from Reliable Manufacturers
  • Help with Extended Health Claims
  • Flexible Payment Plans
  • On-Site Respiratory Therapists, Polysomnographic Technologists (Sleep Technologists) and Nurses.

Trusted & Accredited

Mainland Sleep Diagnostics is an Accredited Facility for Home Sleep Apnea Testing. Accreditation is completed by the Diagnostic Accreditation Program at the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia.

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