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Get quality bedside therapy performance in the smallest portable automatic CPAP machine! The AirMini works with a select range of ResMed AirFit and AirTouch masks. Please ensure you have one of these masks. Features & Benefits: Features the same proven ResMed device algorithms ActiveAir™ technology allows it to be small,…

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AirFit F30

The ResMed AirFit F30 has a modern look that provides less facial contact than a traditional full face mask. It’s a great mask if you wear glasses to read or watch TV in bed. Features & Benefits: Say goodbye to red marks and irritation on the nasal bridge with the…

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AirFit N30i

Sleep the way you want with the AirFit N30i nasal cradle mask. This nasal cradle mask features a top-of-the-head tube design that gives you the freedom to sleep in many different positions – ideal if you’re a side or stomach sleeper. This mask is designed to leave your face clear…

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AirFit P30i

ResMed AirFit™ P30i is designed to keep air tubing out of sight and out of the way so you can sleep comfortably in your favorite position and get closer to your bed partner. Both of you will also enjoy more peace and quiet at bedtime, thanks to ResMed QuietAir™ vent…

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A sleek, stylish, low-profile design offers the important features patients told us they wanted in a therapy device. It’s small and light, making it easy to pack for travel. It features easy-to-navigate menus, a front-facing display that can be operated while lying down or sitting up in bed as well…

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AirFit N10

The AirFit N10 nasal mask features a unique under-eye frame that gives you a clear line of sight.  The Spring Air cushion fits comfortably on your face for a optimal seal.  EasyClick self-aligning headgear clips make it easy to take on and off.

AirFit P10

The AirFit P10 is ResMed’s quietest nasal mask on the market. The mask is approximately 50% quieter and lighter than it’s predecessor and has been shown to deliver more than 40 minutes of additional sleep per night. AirFit P10 is Ultra Quiet New QuietAir™ woven-mesh venting gently directs away exhaled…

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AirSense 10

The AirSense 10 CPAP machine by ResMed is designed to help you comfortably adjust to sleep apnea therapy. Features like AutoRamp,  with onset detection adjusts to a low pressure delivery to help you fall asleep easily.  Once you’re asleep, the AirSense 10 will ramp up the pressure to your prescribed…

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Nuance™ Pro Gel

With the Respironics Nuance, you can now experience the greatest comfort and seal. The gel pillow causes less nasal discomfort then the industry leading pillow masks. Nuance is designed to help patients succeed by providing a more comfortable and familiar feel. With the greater comfort and seal of gel pillows,…

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Transcend CPAP Machine

Featuring the smallest, lightest and most innovative sleep apnea therapy systems in the world, the Transcend line is the FIRST family of PAP devices uniquely suited for use at home and during travel. With a full range of therapy options and accessories, you have the power to customize your therapy…

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Premium Silicone Forehead Pad with Support

This is a replacement premium silicone forehead pad for comfort fusion and comfort gel full face mask.

Comfort Gel Full Face SST

ComfortLite 2 Pillow Cushions Only

This is a replacement ComfortLite 2 pillow cushion for the ComfortLite pillow 2 mask. It comes in small, medium or large.

S8 Auto Set II CPAP Machine

The premium auto adjusting CPAP device in our S8 Series II, featuring the following new benefits of a whisper-quiet operation is 75% quieter than before. Also, a New Easy-Breathe technology – ResMed’s revolutionary new therapy system.   This machine has improved EPR with Easy-Breathe for enhanced patient breathing comfort.  The usage-based…

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ComfortLite 2

ComfortLite 2 mask is unique and offers a three interchangeable cushion option. This mask leaves no pressure point on your face and is incredibly comfortable. Also, you may order a small nasal mask attachment to give you another comfortable option.


OptiLife optimizes cpap compliance for all patients and is one of the most popular masks. The headgear keeps forehead and vision area open and makes it much easier to sleep on your side. The chinstrap prevents your mouth from opening up during the night. This mask is easy to clean,…

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ComfortGel Full is the first full face mask that comes along with a replaceable cushion. It includes a comfortable blue gel cushion and auto seal technology.


FullLife Face mask is less bulky and provides more convenience, comfort, and performance. Thus mask is smaller, lighter, yet highly durable and eliminates the conventional forehead pad and provides a clear sight line while enhancing comfort with a dual-textured cushion and clever headgear to improve mask fit.


The FitLife total face mask provides comfort for hard-to-fit patients who need a comfortable mask. It allows a robust seal around the less pressure-sensitive areas of the face while allowing an unrestricted view.

ComfortFull 2

ComfortFull 2 Face mask is designed for people who breathe with their mouths open while sleeping. It is less invasive by having adjustable cheek pads, a complete nasal interface and a low profile design.


The ComfortClassic raises the expectations in a mask by delivering the right fit. It has a two-positional gel spacer to reshape the silicone cushion that delivers comfort and stability.

Silicone Flap

This is a replacement silicone seal for the comfort gel full face mask. It comes in all three sizes of small, medium or large.


Comfort Fusion is a classically-styled mask that was designed to bring comfort, seal, and mask stability to CPAP users. It provides the most desirable needs for a patient needing an easy fit, replaceable cushion and a dependable seal.


ProfileLite features a softer and lighter cushion. This unique customizable gel cushion and forehead pad gently rest against the patient’s face for a soft, pillowy fit.


The Easylife nasal mask is an innovational design with auto seal technology. It has both an inner cushion to construct instant, self-adjusting seal and an outer cushion that accommodates a comfortable support. This nasal mask provides you with extreme light comfort mask.

Mirage SoftGel

The Mirage SoftGel Nasal Mask offers exceptional comfort with ResMed’s renowned performance and quality. This mask is easy and quick to fit, durable, soft touch with excellent support.

Mirage Activa LT

The Mirage Activa LT is designed to automatically seal for quick fitting and accommodates for movement and therapy pressure changes. It is amazingly light, quiet and diffused.

Swift LT

The Swift LT nasal pillows mask has a light touch, very easy to fit, super quiet and provides ultimate comfort and stability. This mask seals softly and securely and contains rotating barrels for sealing. It is ideal for sleeping on your side.

Swift FX

The Swift FX is a soft nasal pillows mask with minimal appearance. It is incredibly soft, simple and stable. This mask is very flexible and allows minimal pulling during your sleep.


The comfortable blue gel nasal mask deliver the best fit ever. It has an adjustable support arm for the perfect seal and auto-adjusting feature for a custom fit.

ResMed Tubing Cover

For standard size tubing only.  Any model other than S9. Prevent rain out (condensation) by keeping your CPAP tube warm.  Soft material also makes it more comfortable when the tube accidentally rubs against you.

FlexiFit 407

The FlexiFit™ 407 premium nasal mask offers an over-the-nose mask solution that fits better feels lighter and is easier to use. The headgear provides even greater comfort and maintenance.

FlexiFit 406 petite nasal mask

The FlexiFit™ 406 petite nasal mask offers an over-the-nose mask solution specifically designed to fit finer featured faces. The Petite design is small, light and easy to use. The headgear provides even greater comfort and the maintenance.

FlexiFit 405 nasal mask

The FlexiFit™ 405 nasal mask is an over the nose mask solution that fits better, feels lighter and is easier to use.

Zest Nasal Masks

The Zest Nasal mask is very compact, quiet, and effortless to fit and use. This is an ultimate comfortable mask. The innovative design of the Zest Nasal masks combines the Easy-Clip Silicone Seal and Advanced Air Diffuser with proven technology that makes Fisher & Paykel Healthcare masks perform so well….

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Mirage Micro

The Micro’s air vent design that lowers noise, fit and forget headgear with quick release and streamlined design make this a great addition to ResMed’s already robust CPAP mask offerings. The dual-walled cushion is available in 5 total sizes to accommodate over 95% of CPAP users.

Ultra Mirage

The Ultra Mirage™ II combines the best features of the Ultra Mirage mask and other popular ResMed nasal masks, offering a unique combination of comfort, convenience, quietness and effectiveness. This mask includes some new features that improve forehead support with flexible pads that conform to the shape of your forehead…

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Mirage Quattro

The Mirage Quattro is our fourth generation full face mask, delivering an individualized fit that offers a choice of 24 positions on the forehead support to suit individual facial structures. This mask feels light and it very easy to use.

Mirage Liberty

The Mirage Liberty is a full face mask that seals individually at the mouth and nose. With less skin contact and an open field of vision, this unobtrusive mask feels light on the face. This mask has a dual cushion and dual wall nasal pillows to enhance comfort and the…

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Ultra Mirage II

The Ultra Mirage II nasal mask combines the best features of the Ultra Mirage mask and other popular ResMed nasal masks, offering a unique combination of comfort, convenience, quietness and effectiveness. This mask features include improved forehead support with flexible pads that conform to the shape of your forehead for…

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S9 Tubing Cover

For the S9 Slim Line Tubing only. Prevent rain out (condensation) by keeping your CPAP tubing warm.  Also, makes it more comfortable when the CPAP tubing rubs against you.

Flexifit 405 Headgear

Replacement headgear for the Flexfit 405 Headgear.

Flexifit 406 Headgear

Replacement headgear for the Flexfit 406 Headgear.

Flexifit 407 Headgear

Replacement headgear for the Flexfit 407 Headgear.

Opus 360 Tubing

Replacement tubing for the Opus 360 Nasal Pillow Mask.

Opus 360 Headgear

This is the replacement headgear for the Opus 360 Nasal Pillow mask.

Zest Foam Cushion

This is the replacement silicone seal for the zest mask.

S9 Auto Set CPAP Machine

Designed to maximize comfort, the S9 AutoSet automatically delivers the ideal combination of Automatic Positive Airway Pressure (APAP) with Easy-Breathe™ Expiratory Pressure Relief (EPR) to prevent the collapse of your upper airway during sleep. The newly enhanced, intelligent built into ResMed’s sleep therapy system delivers more effective, accurate therapy for…

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System One- REMstar Auto-CPAP Unit

Dimensions: 7″ L x 5.5″ W x 4″ H (18 cm L x 14 cm W x 10 cm H) Weight: 3 lbs; 1.36 kg (without humidifier) Pressure range: 4 to 20 cm H2O Modes of Operation: CPAP, Auto-CPAP Flex pressure relief: C-Flex, C-Flex+, A-Flex Ramp time: 0 to 45…

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The Forma full face mask has a superior seal and provides even more comfort with a greater range of movement through the active contouring of its new FlexiFoam cushion. The T-piece adds stability to the base of the mask.

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