Due to COVID-19, we're offering Tele-Medicine services and product delivery options, in compliance with Social Distancing. Contact your local location for further details, and view our safety plan here.

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COVID 19 Safety Plan


  • Mainland Sleep has a Safety Committee who will monitor risk and advise on policies needed.
  • We have identified common touch areas for customers: counters, chairs, tables, door knobs, debit machines
  • We have identified common touch areas for staff: phones, computer, fax, desks, staff room
  • We have identified the limit of customers and staff allowed in each of the clinics based on ability to maintain physical distancing


  • A Safety Binder with Covid-19 information and policies is located at each Mainland Sleep location
  • All staff have reviewed and signed off on safety information contained in the Safety Binder
  • New staff starting with Mainland Sleep will be required to review the Safety Binder
  • The number of customers will be limited and an occupancy sign posted
  • Chairs in the waiting room have been place 2 m apart
  • Staff work stations are at least 2m apart
  • Plexiglass barriers are installed at the front desk
  • Masks will be worn if 2m distance can’t be maintained between staff and/or customers
  • Patient care and precautions, as it relates to CPAP therapy and testing, is being done as per recommendations made by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and The Canadian Thoracic Society
  • Mainland Sleep is a member of the BC Respiratory and Sleep Providers Association and attends meeting to discuss best practices for preventing the spread of Covid-19 in our industry
  • A cleaning plan is in place. A schedule for cleaning is posted
  • Cleaning protocols are communicated and included in the Safety Binder
  • Respiratory Safety stations are located at the entry to each Mainland Sleep location including masks, tissue and hand sanitizer
  • Handwashing posters are located at sink areas and in clinic rooms
  • Entry poster is displayed to prevent anyone entering with symptoms or risk factors
  • Covid 19 screening questionnaire is done at time of appointment booking
  • A policy is in place for staff if they are feeling ill before coming to work or while at work
  • Staff is encouraged to inform management and the Safety Committee of potential risk for spread of Covid-19 so measures can be taken