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What sets us apart

Patient Education

Receive full education on how your sleep affects your quality of life. Find out how CPAP will benefit you before you start.

Professional Team

Work with our respiratory therapists, nurses and sleep lab technicians who have years of experience helping find the right mask fit and machine settings especially for you.

2 Month Free Trial

We allow up to two free months for you to get completely adapted to therapy and do follow up testing to confirm optimal treatment.

Works With You

We take care of extended health quotes, payment options, payment plans, etc. so no one goes untreated. Your access to treatment is our priority.

What to Expect

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Step 1

Take-Home Sleep Test

This easy to use testing device is worn in the comfort of your own bed. We only need one night’s sleep to determine if you’re having difficulty breathing at night. It measures oxygen levels, heart rate and whether your breathing pattern is normal.

When you fall asleep at night your body relaxes. If the soft tissue in your airway causes a blockage you will not be able to breathe. When you don’t breathe your body doesn’t get enough oxygen. These episodes are called Apnea (no breath and a drop in oxygen in your blood). Apnea events prevent the body from getting into a deep sleep and cause significant stress on your body and heart. You won’t know this is happening, but you will suffer the effects of sleep deprivation because of it. A few common reasons for the airway to become blocked are large tonsils, the tongue falling back, a small jaw or excess weight or musculature around your neck.
Sleep Apnea can happen at any age, from young children to the elderly and everyone in between. Different body types, genders and nationalities are affected. Fill out our questionnaire to see if you should be tested.
You can usually be booked to do your test within a few days of us receiving the referral from your doctor.
No, you don’t need to sleep over. The testing device is to be used at home for just one night.
When you come to one of our offices to pick up your testing device, you will receive instructions on how to use the monitor and information about sleep apnea. You will complete a questionnaire so we can better understand your current sleep quality. You will return the monitor the next day so the data can be downloaded and reviewed.
There is no cost for the testing, we offer this as a complimentary service for our referring physicians.
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Step 2

Review Test Results

Your test will be interpreted by a credentialed sleep physician, who may also provide treatment suggestions to your referring doctor. Once the test results are interpreted by the physician, we can review the physician's results with you.

The testing device will measure your breathing and oxygen levels. We will be able to see if your breathing stops at night and, if so, any associated drops in your oxygen levels and changes in your heart rate. The report will tell us everything we need to know to determine if you have sleep apnea.
When you return your testing device we will try to have a Respiratory Therapist, Nurse or Sleep Lab Technician go over the results with you. If we aren’t immediately available, you will receive a phone call to discuss the results. Your doctor will receive a full report in about one week.
When your doctor refers you for testing they recommend that we set you up on CPAP therapy if your test results are positive. We provide equipment at no cost to try for up to two months. Read more about our Free Trial and CPAP in our FAQs.
If the test doesn’t indicate Sleep Apnea, but you have symptoms associated with sleep deprivation, we recommend seeing a Sleep Physician. We can arrange that appointment for you. They will look further into possible causes for your sleepiness and other symptoms.
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Step 3

Free CPAP Trial

If your doctor recommends CPAP therapy you will be set up with the appropriate machine and mask that is best suited to you. You may try different masks or even different machines in order to ensure you are getting a full night’s sleep. We allow up to two months for you to adapt to therapy before you purchase.

“CPAP” stands for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure. The CPAP machine delivers air pressure through a mask to your airway so that it doesn’t close when you fall asleep.
Mainland Sleep provides a CPAP machine and mask to you at no cost while you get used to therapy and we determine the best settings for you. You will be able to try different masks to find the best style and fit for you. Your oxygen levels will also be rechecked with your CPAP so that you and your doctor know that your Sleep Apnea has been treated appropriately.
CPAP can take some getting used to. The mask shouldn’t feel uncomfortable, but is something new that will get better with practice and use. The pressure from the machine will also be less noticeable as you begin to wear your CPAP every day. The improvement in your sleep and daytime symptoms is well worth the time spent getting used to this therapy!
Your therapist will determine the correct size and will offer a style of mask that they feel is best suited to you. If adjustments or changes need to be made to optimize your therapy you may try more than one mask. Masks are made of comfortable materials and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.
We rely on a few factors to determine if CPAP is working for you. Your quality of sleep and daytime symptoms will start to improve. This may be immediate or can take a few weeks. Mainland Sleep can obtain data from your CPAP machine that shows how well your apnea is being treated. You will redo testing to confirm your apneas are being treated effectively.
There are different mask options and your therapist will work with you to find the best one. In some cases, people just can’t adapt to therapy. If this is the case by the end of your trial, we can make recommendations for alternative types of treatment and refer you to a physician specializing in those treatment options.
Yes. Wearing the CPAP every night allows your body to have the sleep needed. If you don’t wear your CPAP you may notice the tiredness and other symptoms returning. This is especially important when you are first using CPAP. Consistency will help you adapt much more quickly.
In most cases the answer is “yes”. CPAP doesn’t cure sleep apnea, but provides treatment to stop it from happening. If weight gain caused your apnea, you may find that getting proper sleep helps you to lose this weight and therefore can reduce or eliminate your sleep apnea over time.
We will be able to tell right away from your CPAP machine if it’s working, but it can take longer for you to notice the difference. If you wear your CPAP it will work to treat your Sleep Apnea. We allow two months for the trial because most people notice a difference within a few weeks then just need to work towards consistency to get the full benefits.
Most people purchase their CPAP equipment. Our two month free trial is there to allow you to optimize therapy and make the buying decision. Take advantage of this free trial to wear your CPAP every day, you most likely won’t need extra time to decide on your purchase. If you prefer to rent before buying you can discuss that option with your Mainland Sleep therapist.
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Step 4

Ongoing Support

Support is given as you initially get used to therapy, but it doesn’t stop there. Even after you are sleeping peacefully and own your equipment, Mainland Sleep will continue to see you every six months. We want to make sure you have long term success and that your equipment needs are maintained and that therapy is optimized.

CPAP equipment is covered under most Extended Health Insurance Policies. If you don’t have insurance coverage you will have to plan to cover the cost. Your therapist will discuss pricing with you when you come in for therapy. If you are on disability or other funding we will help with that as well.
You can call your insurance company and ask, but we will also send a quote for approval on your behalf once you start therapy. Mainland Sleep has a dedicated insurance specialist who will follow up with your insurance provider.
Mainland Sleep will explain costs and will make a payment plan available if needed.
Some disability plans have coverage for CPAP therapy. We will help you find that out.
The care that Mainland Sleep provides doesn’t stop after you purchase your equipment. We are available whenever you need us. We will book you to come in at least every six months to check that your therapy is still working, examine your equipment and provide replacement items like masks and filters.
Mainland Sleep carries all the parts you’ll need to keep your CPAP therapy working properly.
Recommendations for replacing your mask are every 6-12 months. With regular check-ups, filter replacement and mask replacement to avoid excessive leak in the pressure system, CPAP machines can last for many years. Insurance companies will provide funding for a new machine every 5 years.

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