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How do I clean my CPAP equipment?


  • Remove your cushion or pillows from the frame and wash with mild soapy warm water.  Unscented mild soap is best. Don’t use antibacterial soap, it is too harsh. Let air dry.

You can also use CPAP cleaning wipes available for purchase at our front desk.

  • Top up your humidifier with DISTILLED water each night.  Refresh the water every few days. Tap water will cause bacterial growth and will corrode the metal base of the water chamber over time. Find distilled water at any pharmacy.


  • Wash your humidifier chamber with mild soap, rinse well and let air dry.
  • Wash your entire mask and headgear with mild soap and warm water. 

HANG headgear to dry. The headgear will take time to dry so best to do this in the morning.

  • Wash your tubing in a sink with mild soap and warm water.  Rinse thoroughly and hang to dry over over a towel bar or shower curtain rod. Ask us about our tube cleaning brush.
  • Wipe the outside of your CPAP machine with a dry cloth to remove dust build up.


  • Check your CPAP filter and change when it has turned grey
  • Inspect your equipment regularly for wear and tear

Every Six Months

  • Schedule your Servicing appointment so our staff can clean and check your machine and accessories