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F&P Sleepstyle Auto CPAP

By Fisher and Paykel

Breath easy and enjoy restful sleep with the F&P Sleepstyle Auto CPAP. The easy to clean, simple to use, sleek and compact CPAP features a built in humidifier, innovative online sleep tracking and the exclusive arthritis foundation ease of use commendation to bring you unparalleled breathing support and comfort each night.

Sleepstyle Auto CPAP Features:

  • Easy To Clean and Refill: With just one button, easily access the water tank to clean and refill when needed.
  • Simple To Use: Once initial setup is complete, start every night’s restful sleep with the click of a button. Avoid lengthy bedtime routines, complicated operations and confusing symbols with the intuitive and user friendly operation of the F&P Sleepstyle Auto CPAP.
  • Sleek and Compact Design: Add to any bedroom’s nightstand decor with a sleek and compact CPAP device that delivers top of the line sleep quality. Enjoy the restful nights you deserve without adding unattractive clutter to your home.
  • Built-In Humidifier: Proven to reduce irritation when using masks, the F&P Sleepstyle Auto CPAP provides a built in humidifier to relieve the sinuses and airways during treatments. The comfortable, innovative and easy to use humidifier brings bliss to every breath.
  • Track Sleep Progress Online with the SleepStyle App and Website: Stay in the loop and informed about your nightly sleep with automatic online tracking. Featuring advanced bluetooth technology, the F&P Sleepstyle Auto CPAP automatically updates your online SleepStyle profile with your sleep statistics, so you can easily view them from the app or website.
  • Exclusive Arthritis Foundation Ease of Use Commendation: As the only CPAP device to receive the Arthritis Foundation Ease of Use Commendation, the F&P Sleepstyle Auto CPAP takes pride in exceptional pain relief, high quality materials and innovative technology.

New to CPAP?

When you start your CPAP therapy with Mainland Sleep we will ensure you have the right mask and machine to best suit your needs. There are many shapes and styles to choose from so it can seem overwhelming. No need to worry, our experts are here to help with all aspects of therapy and educate you on your options.

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Existing Patients

If you already own your own CPAP machine we encourage you to visit one of our offices every six months. These visits allow you to see what’s new in masks and machines. Our staff will help with mask fittings while also reviewing your CPAP data. If you haven’t met the knowledgeable staff at Mainland Sleep yet, please book an appointment at a convenient location and let us become your lifelong support team.

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Mainland Sleep has been serving the lower Mainland since 1998.

We strive to help each patient successfully treat their sleep apnea. We provide extensive education, the latest CPAP equipment, ongoing support, and are continually educating ourselves on new CPAP options for our patients.

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Mainland Sleep Diagnostics is an Accredited Facility for Home Sleep Apnea Testing. Accreditation is completed by the Diagnostic Accreditation Program at the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia.

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