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Direct Line to Registered Respiratory Therapist


CPAP Cleaning Instructions


  • Wipe down mask daily with a damp cloth to remove any facial oils which may result in the breakdown of the mask or irritation of the skin.  Mild Soap can also be used.

Humidifier chamber and Tubing

  • Submerge both the humidifier chamber and tubing into warm water and soap, preferrably in a sink.  Let soak for about twenty minutes and rinse with water and air dry.  Use only mild non-lotion dishwashing detergents such as Dial anti-bacterial, Ivory Clear or Palmolive.
  • This can be done weekly.
  • Any part of the mask that is not cloth can also be submerged with the humidifier chamber and tubing.

Headgear and Filter

  • The headgear and filter can be hand washed once a month using soap and warm water.
  • The headgear can also be placed in your washer with the delicate setting in a bag.

Semi-Annual Servicing

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