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Direct Line to Registered Respiratory Therapist


CPAP Servicing

Semi-Annual Servicing Recommended

  • Please bring in your CPAP unit on a regular basis. You will receive reminder calls and correspondence. At this time we will clean/inspect and replace some of your equipment that is either deteriorated or requires replacement.
  • Your data card on your CPAP unit will downloaded which will allow us to see compliance, mask leakage, CPAP pressures that your unit is set to, and also what pressures it is running if you are on an automatic mode.
  • At this time we may also perform an overnight oxygen test to make certain that the CPAP is effectively treating your sleep apnea.

We have convenient locations for this type of service (VANCOUVER, RICHMOND, BURNABY, SURREY)

Patient Information Regarding Servicing

However, we service the following areas:

North Vancouver/ New Westminster / Delta / Langley/ Abbotsford / Chilliwack / White Rock

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